Alpacas are part of the camelid family, as are llamas, camels and giraffes. Originally from the South American Andes mountains, they have been domesticated for thousands of years. By selective breeding practices of these early Andean cultures, the fiber spun was reserved only for royalty.

Today, there are only 2 types of alpacas, huacaya and suri. Huacaya produces fleece with crimp or a wavy quality to it, while the suri produces fleece with no crimp but lock structure or dreadlocks.

Alpacas stand about 3′ tall and weigh on average 130-150 pounds, although that standard is getting larger. They have a life expectancy of 20 years and can reproduce for most of that time. Because gestation takes close to a year, protection against over production is built in. ” Cria”, the offspring, generally mature between 18 months and 3 years. They are intelligent, friendly gentle creatures that hum to communicate. Alpacas do not bite and instead of hooves, they have 2 padded toes on each foot that are environmentally friendly, your pastures will keep better. Alpacas are safe enough for children to care for.

AlpacaNaca Bloodlines
El Patron/Accoyo
El Cine/Accoyo
Black Thunder/Bolivian
Black Flame/Bolivian
Taft’s Antonio
Guellermos’ Choco/Peruvian
Ameripaca Dartagnan/Peruvian
Ameripaca Challenger/Peruvian
Black Thunder
Peruvian Ion
Chieftain Grandsires
Mr. President /Accoyo
Seldom Scene Galeno Chalippena
Ameripaca Bonanza

Alpacas can provide a rewarding lifestyle and a great investment with high potential returns. As you would with any investment, make use of the educational tools available before making any decisions. They are easy to raise, requiring very little land, 6-8 per acre. Alpacas are very strong and hardy animals, eating approximately 1 bale of hay per month, and are very inexpensive to maintain. In North America, the average alpaca farm is 10 acres or less.

Tax advantages are another investment opportunity of owning alpacas. Whether you are a hands-on breeder or prefer someone else to do the work while you agist ( board) your alpacas, you can qualify for many deductions. Alpacas are also fully insurable against all loss, where else can you get that kind of security on your investment? Please make sure you ask us more about this particular opportunity of alpaca ownership!

Alpacas are entertaining, loveable and have been known to help provide a sense of inner peace just by sitting in the pasture with them. Just take a look into the biggest eyes you’ve ever encountered, and you too will be lost forever!

We look forward to your visit to our farm, showing you our animals and sharing the incredible lifestyle of owning alpacas! C’mon down.