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Amber at Alpaca-Alpacas For Sale in North Carolina and Virginia at AlpacaNaca FarmHey y’all! Welcome to AlpacaNaca Farms near the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are soon to be located just 1 sunny mile off Route 168 as you are traveling south just over the Virginia state line on Snowden Rd, in Moyock, North Carolina. Call us when you’re coming through, and we’ll make sure we’re here!

Whether you’re contemplating owning alpacas or already are a new breeder, or even if you’ve been involved for some time, we recommend you research, read and visit as many farms to educate yourself about this wonderful animal called the Alpaca, and the industry that is growing rapidly all around it. The more educated we all are, the more successful our industry will be.

Our Philosophy: AlpacaNaca has carefully selected its own breeding program, selecting dams and sires to achieve our goal of healthy alpacas with excellent conformation and the finest fiber. Our broad selection of quality animals provides you the opportunity to select top quality alpacas for your start up herd or add to your existing herd. Check out our nationally known bloodlines below. We are a small, but growing hands on operation, and are completely committed to continual improvement through selective breeding.

Hot Flame at Alpaca-Alpacas For Sale in North Carolina and Virginia at AlpacaNaca FarmAt the present time, the alpaca industry is based on the sale of quality breeding stock, while the size of the national herd continues to grow by the thousands. Lineage, correct conformation, fleece quality, color and age are many factors that can influence individual alpaca prices. Alpacas are much like other commodities, the market pays a premium for flawless examples. We, as are other alpaca owners, breeders and farms, are committed to raising and continually striving for perfection. Prevention of genetic degeneration is a main goal as well.